By John Harricharan. 3 Minutes, 3 Steps . “The PowerPause”, has benefited so many people in so .. power principles or whatever one feels like calling them. understand the enormous power within, I have . voice said, “Hi John, I just wanted to call and see 3) You can get a free, PDF download of John's. Last week I read a very good book from John Harricharan named “The Power Pause” and that was the very first time I got to know about this method, it is.

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John Harricharan has 22 books on Goodreads with ratings. John The PowerPause: Three Minutes, Three Steps to Money, Health and Relationships by . John Harricharan: Award Winning Author, Mentor, Life Teacher, World Renown John Harricharan Is The Author Of numerous works such as The Power Pause. John Harricharan The Power Pause: 3 Steps 3 Minutes The Power Pause Is One Of The Most Simple And Powerfully Effective Formulas For Addressing and.

But after thinking about it, I still didn't think the book was worth the money. So I couldn't, in good conscience, offer that book to my subscribers. Fast Foward Ahead Let's fast forward ahead to a couple of weeks ago. I got hold of an interview with the author of this book, John Harricharan. In the interview he spoke about his book and his simple formula for success and happiness.

It got me to thinking that I should read the book again. After all, I realized that his formula did work, I had been using it in a slightly different way, but every time I did use it I would see immediate results that or the following day. It works like magic, and sometimes you can't be sure if the results are coincidence or because of the technique.

But after seeing it work so many times I'm convinced that it really is the Formula that is bringing me the results. I am so incredibly excited about what I am getting. Almost everything seems to be going my way. Opportunities are opening up for me at triple the rate they used to. I don't have to do much of anything except the formula and the things I want seem to appear in my life very quickly.

Any person over 7 years of age can do it and it only takes three minutes. Who has time in our modern world to sit for three hours meditating every day? Any time you have three minutes to spare you can do this technique. The great thing about it is that it is very relaxing and makes you happy right away. It gets you're energy flowing towards happiness and your most important goals. So at the minimum, it can get you happy, in a hurry.

Just that in itself, is a worth the price of the book. If someone were to offer you a formula that guaranteed you to win 9 out of 10 horse races, would you download it? What if that formula were only one page long? Would the length of the formula matter? I don't think it would because if you could win 9 out of 10 times while gambling on horse races, you'd basically have your very own money tree.

The Power Pause is easy to do and it powerfully activates the law of attraction. Your most cherished desires start coming to you as if you were a magnet for anything you wanted. Yes, you still have to take some action to achieve most of your goals, but it's much easier when the Universe wants you to succeed as well.

Everything starts going in your favor. People start calling you, the right ideas fall into your lap and you have the super desire and energy to pursue your dreams. Now there is one thing about this book that I didn't like. It didn't have an index or table of contents. So it was hard to find the key ideas or where certain principles are discussed. Therefore, I made up my own index. I also pulled out the key points, so I could easily refer to them.

I made notes on how I could increase the effectiveness of the Power Pause. Making money is not about making money. Becoming rich is not about marketing and advertising alone. It's not only about websites and search engines.

It's not even about abilities or talents. I've known many talented people with fantastic abilities who were always broke. Becoming successful is about having a certain "mind-set. A certain mind-set, choices, attitudes.

A certain way of looking at the world and what you want. A certain way of thinking about what's happening around you. Knowing that what's happening around you is not nearly as important as what you think about what's happening around you. In other words, what's happening in you is much more important than what's happening around you.

Some important reasons why you'll want to try the 3-minute, 3-step formula for personal success and real happiness: To order, click here First: I am not saying that you'll become the most successful person on Earth. I don't make such promises. I can't promise you'll be the happiest person around. What I can do is provide you a simple formula for success that you can start using today.

Putting this formula to use will make it possible for you to achieve wealth, success and happiness beyond your fondest dreams.

Second: Many people, the world over, have paid well to hear me share my information. I want to reassure you that the information I'm giving you has the stamp of credibility. I could go on and on but that would be boring. I've spoken to corporate America and entrepreneurial America. But, on the other hand, I've consulted for many home-based entrepreneurs and small-business executives. Furthermore, I've been a guest on various radio and TV shows.

Third: There are many people who sell "How to make money" and "How to be successful" info. A large percentage of them have never used the material they claim will make you successful. The PowerPause is proven to work. I personally use it everyday. Fourth: I have a busy life outside of selling information on the Internet. Before this product took off, my passion was using my simple, 3-minute, 3-step formula to help my clients become successful. And they love it. Fifth: I'm easy to locate.

I don't hide behind a fake email address or any other address. You'll find my address at the end of this letter. My office number is I answer my own telephone when I can. At other times, my trusted assistant of many years, answers for me.

I DO return calls. I answer my email. You can also find me at my websites. Sixth: Here are some genuine testimonials about me and my work. They are from real, live people who actually exist. Any rip-off artist can type up fake testimonials and stick them on a web page. The ones listed here are real and legitimate and I've used their real names. In a minute I'm going to explain the success formula. But first, read what others say I moved so quickly through the story that by the end, I felt like I had been talking to a friend for a few hours, instead of reading I've found myself 'power pausing' several times this week and smiling through it all.

Thanks, John, for sharing this gift with me. I'm overwhelmed The three steps were outstanding. I'm convinced that anyone, regardless of age, gender or background, can use these principles to achieve a more peaceful, fulfilled, happy life.

Exactly what I've been looking for! This is exactly what I've been looking for--a simple way to take charge of my thinking and change the quality of my life forever.. Many may wonder if this process is simply too good to be true -- I certainly did.

And some will believe that nothing this simple could really work. However, my experience is that the greatest and most powerful ideas are simple. In fact, if it's too complicated, it's probably wrong. John also happens to be one of the true master storytellers of his generation.

So you're in for a treat. Audri G. Com, Inc. And the best part is it only takes just 3 minutes and 3 steps to achieve. Really great! My suggestion is to download "PowerPause" first for yourself, then for your loved ones.

Then, for anyone else you care about who you'd like to be successful and happy. What an awesome work! From the moment that fortunate readers of your material learn the simple PowerPause technique, they, for the rest of their lives, will be avoiding needless grief and anxiety while opening the door to a lifetime of peace and happiness.

At last I've found what I've been searching for all the time. Thank you, John.

For more testimonials click here. With three steps, in about three minutes, you can start on a life of success,wealth and happiness. What do you want? What is your dream? You always hear me. How about that Kristen? Kristen Howe: How about that? That is so powerful. Its so powerful and I love it because it is, its so simple. Its three minutes, three steps, which I know to some people might seem too simple. So actually, what Id love to do is ask you if you could let us know some of the amazing turnarounds that you have seen from people who have applied this, and applied some of the other things that you teach as well.

I think that would really help people go, Oh, this is for real, because it is for real. Ive used it myself. Id love to hear some of those stories if you would share them. J ohn Harricharan: How about if I tell you one about me because I think I am generally the guinea pig for anything I do. Ive been around on this earth for quite a number of decades.

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Im not going to tell anybody how many. You might find it on my Facebook page, but Im not going to tell you. Ive been around for quite a long time, and Ive seen a lot of problems. I am the kind of guy that I think that Dunkin Donuts is a food group.

Its the same thing as vegetables, or protein, something. I love Dunkin Donuts. You want to make me real happy, I used to eat handfuls of what do they call those little jellybean things. J ohn Harricharan: Yeah. I knew every flavor there was. Id segregate them into different colors, I knew their taste, and I love them.

Now, I hadnt thought for many years that there was this crazy thing, if you do abuse your body, if you do not eat balanced stuff, one Dunkin Donut here and there would not cause a problem.

But goodness, I never bought less than six, sometimes a dozen. In fact, all my friends used to send me bags and bags of specialty jellybeans.

I love them and sugar and me were good friends until one day I wasnt feeling well. I was losing my balance and felt real bad. I felt crazy, like I want to sleep. Anita who works with me, has worked with me as my assistant here in doing what Im doing, help me put together the PowerPause.

Typed it up and edited it and everything else. She said, You are going to the doctor. Now, Ill tell you what. I have a lot of friends who are doctors and people in the family, but I am allergic to doctors.

I hate needles, and Id rather face an armed force than face a nurse with a needle. So I said, No way. Im not going. And she says, Youre going. You cant resist. Were going to put you in the car, take you to the doctor. This is where a real horrible thing happened.

I got to the doctor, after a bunch of tests he says, Oh, my gosh. Youve got one of the most severe cases of diabetes Type II I have ever seen. And he went into the other room and he was talking to his nurse. Obviously, the diabetes did not affect my hearing because he was saying, I dont know how hes alive. He isnt supposed to alive.

And He said, Your parents had diabetes? I said, Oh, yeah. He said, That should have been a sign. Gosh, I never thought of that, and Im thinking now, this is terrible. The result of the whole thing is I was losing my balance; I couldnt walk except with a cane. I couldnt drive. I couldnt see. But you couldnt sleep. You couldnt sit down. It was horrible. Then to reinforce the negativity, theres a friend who lived across where I lived and I asked him, he is the medical group, I said, Wont it ever get better?

He says, Well, let me tell you this, if you do everything your doctor says, it wont get worse. I thought, There is no hope for me. I might as well die now. Kristen, this is about maybe eight or ten years ago.

So I started getting worse and worse and worse, and then Anita who was sitting at the table across my office always worrying now whether this guys going to die. She said, J ohn, why dont you read your books? And I looked at her and I thought, What is she talking about? Had she not been a good friend, I probably wanted to choke her. Dont tell me about my books. Look what is happening to me. What good are all those books?

She says, I would suggest, in a very calm voice, that you read the PowerPause. If looks could have killed, it would have killed her because there I was hobbling around with a cane feeling my way across the room, sleeping about 16 to 18 hours a day, on ten different drugs, including Darvocet as one, I dont know what that is, but I know it wasnt good for me.

So this is what happened, but every day or other day, as Anita was leaving to go home from the office, she said, J ohn, Ill say it again, read the PowerPause.

Well, heres what happened. About a couple of weeks later I thought, If I dont read this thing, she isnt going to shut up. So this weekend, I will read it just so when she comes in on Monday Ill say, There. See, I read it. So I started reading it one Friday night and I didnt put it down until I was finished reading it. Now, you got to remember, this is something I wrote, or that wrote me.

Three steps, three minutes, three steps. As I finished reading it, I said, Wow. This isnt bad. Maybe Ill try it. I started trying it that very weekend. Of course, nothing happened, didnt expect anything to happen.

So when Anita came in on Monday I said, Guess what? And all she said to me was, Okay, thats good. I thought, Thats all? You bug the heck out of me for so long. I read it. Couldnt you say good job, I know it will work. She didnt say anything else. Heres the funny thing, I started using the three principles. I said, How can I sell this thing out there or teach people out there if I dont really believe it and do it myself?

Remember now, I can hardly see. I could hardly walk. The biggie for me was on Friday or every other Friday when Anita would give me a ride to the supermarket, Id hold onto the little shopping cart and walk around and look through what little eyesight was left, look at people and things, and that was the big thing of the day.

So I noticed after I read the PowerPause started using it, this one day, maybe two or three days after that, I noticed I walked across the room and I didnt use the cane. I thought, Oh, my goodness. Thats amazing.

Learn It : Apply It : Live It...

And within a week or two, I noticed I stopped taking one medicine, and another one, and the other one, and out of those ten, I only ended up having one.

My eyesight returned. I could drive, and let me tell you what happened. I go to my doctor, and he likes to sit down and talk to me about these things, so hes late for all his other patients because he cant figure how thats happened.

He really couldnt figure how almost all systems corrected themselves from not being able to walk or drive or see, to where in the past few years, I have gone to Cambodia, spoken in Cambodia. Ive spoken in Thailand, Ive spoken in South Korea, Budapest, and those are long plane rides and whatnot.

I was able to do that and come back, and today, I think I could do that again. Thats what the PowerPause did for me. J ohn Harricharan: One fellow, knowing I have some little Internet businesses here and there too, and I was telling if I were to mention this name, most everybody on the Internet would know it.

So I was at one of Yanik Silvers thing where I was his guest. Yanik and I have been good friends for years. I seemed to be fine. One of them said to me very commercially, Oh my gosh. If I were you, J ohn, Id go to my doctor and have him write exactly what happened. How you were given up for almost dead and all of sudden within a short time, a few months, you are now almost back to normal. People will download this like hotcakes.

It will be fantastic. Youll never have to work again one day in your life. The temptation was very, very great, Kristen. I thought, You know, and then I realized thats not why I wrote this. People have to really want to use it. See, the PowerPause saved my life, made it possible for me to be talking with you and your audience today. There were other cases, lots of them. I havent documented a lot of them because frankly, you got to try the thing out and see, and if you dont like it, just dont yell at me.

I say to people, J ust burn it. Refund it. Do something with it. J ust try it out.

It probably will work for most people who have an open mind. There was this guy and these are, again, I cant use the names because I am very private with these things. It was a very small business. Somebody says, You know, give J ohn a call and he might be able to help you. He called me and he asked me what I thought he should do. I said, Hey, try this thing. Its called the PowerPause. I didnt hear from him for a few weeks, you know what happened to him?

Thats wonderful. I had a guy who is in Australia who said during one of those fires of a few years ago, they have some horrible fires over there every once in a while, destroying all the businesses, buildings, and everything else. You almost lose your life. He said, This fire was coming towards his home where he and his wife and his young child live.

And all he could think of where those affirmations he had learned, and how to use the PowerPause, it was like a miracle. It was like a miracle, he said. The fire split, divided into two, bypassed his house, and got the homes on the other side.

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I dont think that he would have called me from Australia to say that had it not been true. There are lots of others, people with illnesses, people with health problems.

Theres this lady, this was a few years ago, she was about 65 years old, and old to me is meaningless because age is none of my business. Having been alive forever, I think I forgot how old I am. She kept telling me she really, really would want to get this great relationship.

So shed write me, and much as I get a gazillion emails, I try to answer one here and there, and somehow I felt bad for her that at 65 she should have what she wants. So I told her, Go ahead, get the PowerPause, and try it out.

I didnt hear back from here in a long time, for months, and then I got this letter from her. I thought it was cute. She said, J ohn, after I started doing that, strange things happened.

Now Im married to the perfect person for my life. I thought, Wow, that is great, and I just blessed her in my thoughts and that one made me happy. Those kinds of things make me very happy when I see people just discovering how to think and how to live abundantly. Was it Emerson who says, With a license of a higher order of being. Those are some of the examples.

I could spend forever telling you about them. Kristen Howe: Im sure. And thats why I was so excited to have you here because I know how powerful this all is. Theres so much more to what you have to share and all of this. Let me ask you this. I know I asked you to create a special offer for everyone whos here listening to you today. I want to give everybody the link because I highly encourage you to go to J ohns offer right now to experience it for yourself. The link is www.

J ohn, now that they have link, can you let us know what were going to find there? Youre going to find magic there. What youre going to find there is first you will get an e-book, a PDF file of something pages that explains how to use these three principles. But its not told in a how-to way. Its not like a dull how you do this.

Its told in the form of a story, which I think is very, very powerful. Its a nice story and most of it is based in truth. Remember I told you I met some of those super beings early in my life that changed my life.

I dont know why I was granted that privilege, but this one guy thats referred to in the book as Professor Rishan, just through conversation would teach you a lot more than I was able to give you in this limited time.

My suggestion is get this thing. Let me tell you the other things you get with it. You get PDFs and audios that tell you how to use it. You know why I think thats important? Because those were some of the questions that people who downloadd the PowerPause wrote and asked about. Its a very simple thing. I never thought anybody would have questions about it, but obviously, they do, and then in retrospect, I could see why they would.

So you get the book. You get the audio of it so you could listen to it on your iPod or iPad or in your car or whoever. And here is something that I never used to give with it; you get the videos of it. There are, I think, 12 or 13 videos, about 15 to 20 minutes each. Use them, mix and match, use them as you feel. Do it a number of times. There are a whole bunch of other things that you get there.

I think my books are bonuses, I dont remember. I have a book that became a bestseller thats all over the place, and brought me a lot of joy and helped a lot of people.

Kristen Howe: Walk on Water, yes. A life changing book for me when I was living in Maine and I was sort of lost. You know how you in you journey you end up certain places and youre like, Really?

How did I get here? So yes, that is one of the reasons. J ohn Harricharan: Yeah, theyll get that too. Kristen Howe: See, and that alone, huge. Its such a powerful book.

Kristen Howe: Everything. Youre just throwing it all in. I love that. J ohn Harricharan: Im a nice guy. I am not an Internet marketer. I hate the hype. I just like people to say, Hey, this is good, and be honest about it and say, I think it can help you.

And if it doesnt, you dont have any risk, just get a refund. Kristen Howe: Right, exactly. So let me ask you this, if someone starts to use the PowerPause today, they go to the link, would that be the be thing that they should jump into first is using the PowerPause?

J ohn Harricharan: Oh, absolutely. Read that or watch the video. You have downloads of the entire thing. Or listen to the audios. Its in every version you could think of. Thats the first thing I would suggest, read it simply as a story.

Dont try to get meaning on how do I do this and how do I do that, and so forth. Thatll come to you. And then watch the videos. If you read the book first, the e-book, the digital book, its all downloadable, so they get it right away. They dont have to wait. Kristen Howe: Even just by reading the story or listening to it, what would you say are some of the benefits that they could expect to start experiencing right away?

I know how powerful that is to read something as a story. Sometimes the benefits start showing and you havent done anything. J ohn Harricharan: Right, thats the thing. Theres an old Sanskrit saying which goes like this, Do nothing, achieve everything. I dont think Ill achieve that in this world, but doing less and achieving more is good. There are a bunch of things that will happen there. Things will happen to you.

For example, you project a powerful personality that makes people want to do more for you. Thats one of the benefits of it.

Kristen Howe: Thats powerful. J ohn Harricharan: You develop a greater self-confidence and your self-esteem is enhanced. This is great because then you dont have to be like a scaredy cat and thinking, I wonder if I try to get this, if this will happen.

Am I going to get that job? Because you will feel so comfortable in your own skin, or in your own way, that youll say to yourself, Of course. If I dont get that one, Ill get one just a little better than that because it is my destiny, or something. Make up your words.

Your luck what people luck seems to change. You ever hear people saying, Oh, my gosh. Thats my luck. It always happens this way.

Well, if you keep telling yourself it happens that way, thats how its going to happen. You will find by doing these exercises in the PowerPause that what you call luck will start changing. Most people call it luck, I dont think its luck at all, youre no longer stressed out.

One of the things that causes a lot of problems, horrible things to us, is actually stress. The people are stressed out by daily events in their homes, or workplace. You will now have a practical simple method to reduce and manage stress to your advantage anytime, anywhere because you can do the PowerPause if youre riding the subway or a bus.

Dont do it with your eyes closed driving a car, please. Thats not conducive to longevity.So send me your problem. So I noticed after I read the PowerPause started using it, this one day, maybe two or three days after that, I noticed I walked across the room and I didnt use the cane. So shed write me, and much as I get a gazillion emails, I try to answer one here and there, and somehow I felt bad for her that at 65 she should have what she wants.

The PP is not a quick fix, but it is a powerful transformational tool that works faster than any other method I know. You have downloads of the entire thing. It sits somewhere, maybe in a celestial congress, but it answers only to us, the I am, the me, whoever this J ohn is right now. No wonder years later I didnt want to have children because much as it was fun, it was tough for my parents to feed us all, take care of us, but heres an interesting thing also.

A certain mind-set, choices, attitudes. I know what it feels like to have my car repossessed, my house foreclosed, my wife die when she was only in her thirties. Well, maybe shed be walking on a beach with him holding hands.