How the Great Recession Mainstreamed Bizarre. Interview Questions. 4. Google's Hiring Machine. How They Pick the One to Hire out of the Who Apply. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Serious ammunition to pack for your next job interview."―Kirkus You are shrunk to the height of a penny and thrown in a blender. The blades start moving in sixty seconds. What do you do? If you want to work at. This website is good for downloading ebooks: Library Genesis There, you can search for the book you need, and then download the book by using a mirror link .

Are You Smart Enough To Work At Google Pdf

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面试题收集. Contribute to chunqishi/mianshiti development by creating an account on GitHub. are-you-smart-enough-to-work-at-googlepdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. If you want to work at Google, or any of America's best companies, you need to have an answer to this and other puzzling questions. ARE YOU SMART.

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Google probably doesn't hire many 55 year olds. If you have a job interview with a company like Google one that likes to hire creative smart people read this book to prepare for stupid questions like the blender question or a more reasonable one that you just need a little warm up for like: The second half of the book is devoted to finding the best way to solve each problem.

If you are thinking of finding a new job or just like brainteasers, this may be a good book for you.

Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?

Apr 17, Karly Steele Lyle rated it liked it Shelves: Poundstone has packed this little book with enough mind-bending riddles to make anyone go cross-eyed. Imagine, if you will, being in an interview and having any of these bad boys dropped onto your lap: Every family keeps having children until they have a boy; then they stop.

What is the proportion of boys to girls in this country? And for inquiring minds, no, I am not smart enough to work at Google. Although, if I could combine the riddle busting powers of my boyfriend and I into one person we might have a fighting chance of being able to… submit a resume. Readers are guaranteed a good time and a roller coaster of emotions ranging from pride "Victory!

I am a genius! This is totally ridiculous!.

Jan 17, Aimeekay rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book! It was funny and informative. Poundstone presents some of the toughest interview questions that are actually being asked by companies today. In addition to the answers, he delves into the histories of the questions themselves. Who thought them up, how they relate to the job at hand, and how some don't have any relevance to the job at all, but why the interviewer is asking them anyway.

I found the background on some of the questions almost as interesting as some of the question I loved this book! I found the background on some of the questions almost as interesting as some of the questions themselves. It was also quite fun trying to figure out the answers. I read with two bookmarks. One keeping my place in beginning of the book, and one in the back were Poundstone had listed each questions answer in order that they had appeared in the book itself.

I'm not going to even try to pretend that I have the genius to work at google, or some of the other companies that these questions were gleaned from, so it shouldn't be a surprise when I say that more often then not the answers I came up with were no where near correct. I still had fun though.

The author also gave quite a few tips on what to do if you're hit with questions you don't quite know how to answer. How to brainstorm on the fly, ways to question you interviewer to download time and get extra hints to help solve the problem.

Also ways to phrase your answers so that even if they are wrong you don't look like a complete idiot.

Plus other interview tips, such as making sure you research the company you are applying at and making sure you clean up your public sites, such as facebook or myspace, before applying. After all if you are googling them, then they definitely are googling you. Whether you have interviews looming in the near future, or if you just want to give your brain a good work out this book is definitely gonna help either way. Even if you plan on being the interviewer instead of the interviewee it might help.

After all, according to the data the author presents, interviews really are no true reflection on how the applicant is actually going to perform on the job. But maybe if you use some of these more interesting questions, or versions of them, you can at least see who REALLY wants the job.

Nov 08, Crina Bucur rated it really liked it Shelves: Great collection of brainteasers and logical puzzles to keep you entertained. The subtleties are thoroughly debated, explanations are satisfactory and the author gracefully manages not to be boring, even when getting technical. There is also a list of useful websites on the matter to refer to, at the end of the book.

I absolutely love this book!!! I stumbled uponit at a huuuuge book shop in London, not even in the smart thinkers sections which I loved so much and where it actually would have fit, but somewhere else where I wasn't even interested in looking but mum and I met there like I said, the store was huge. So I saw it, read the first like two pages and thought I had to download it. I didn't regret it for a second.

Honestly, this book is amazing. Thrilling, interesting, challenging. The logic puzzles which I absolutely love this book!!! The logic puzzles which were the main part of this book were great and though I felt super stupid not being able to answer the majority of them, I feel like I learned from that. Because once you got to the answer, it was simple and you got a little mad at yourself for not having thought of it earlier.

I'll definitely download the author's previous book too and search for similar ones. If you know some, please tell me! Mar 03, Michael rated it it was amazing. I spent 9 months unemployed after graduation and going through the same job hunting process and interview style questions as mentioned in this book.

I sucked at the interview questions, I was seriously useless but this book really is brilliant. It explains what interviewers are looking for and gives answers to many common questions you'll likely face. Certainly going to recommend this to my job-seeking friends and if i find myself unemployed and going to interviews, this will be my revision book I spent 9 months unemployed after graduation and going through the same job hunting process and interview style questions as mentioned in this book.

Certainly going to recommend this to my job-seeking friends and if i find myself unemployed and going to interviews, this will be my revision book the night before. I like the author's clear writing style and explanations, so I'll check out his other books as well now.

Oct 21, Nattawut Phetmak rated it liked it. Jan 20, Rachel rated it liked it. Short answer: Feb 07, Polly rated it it was ok Shelves: Apparently, the answer for me is no. I kept getting frustrated and then feeling grateful I have a job. One where I get to work with computers and solve puzzles that make sense. Miten 4 minuutin tiimalasilla ja 7 minuutin tiimalasilla mitataan tasan 9 minuuttia?

Kuinka monta golfpalloa mahtuu linja-autoon?

Are You Smart Enough for the Smart Grid

Simuloi 7-tahkoinen noppa 5-tahkoisella nopalla. Ja bonus: Jun 27, Vadim Sviridovich rated it really liked it Shelves: Jul 25, Angelino Desmet rated it really liked it.

William Poundstone underscores the right mindset any person can and should develop. The emphasized traits are particularly essential considering our future characterized by continuous technological advancement. A time where key skills will be adaptability and a willingness to keep learning, no matter how much you fall.

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Since this book has been published, there has been an increasing amount of studies and literature exclaiming the importance of the 'growth mindset. Aside from the main riddles for which the answers have a dedicated chapter, there are a couple of extra questions in the main text which don't have spoiler warnings; a minor nuisance. PS If riddles make you feel stupid, that's OK.

Your brain is growing, provided that work for it. Nice book for puzzle lovers. Jul 11, Harshdeep Gupta rated it it was amazing. The book has good questions along with light humor, good discussions on the why the hiring process is the way it is, and occasionally pulls legs of one of the major tech giants.

The solutions are quite interesting and offered me a lot of new insights. Apr 26, Barbara rated it really liked it.

I've always heard how challenging the interview process is at Google, so I was very interested to hear more details.

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