The BS EN/IEC Standard for lightning protection was originally published in September , to supercede the previous standard, BS IEC The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the leading global organization that prepares and .. Wilt u deze norm in PDF-formaat?. This document (EN ) consists of the text of IEC prepared by Safety requirements are given in EN Discharge.

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IEC Edition INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. Discharge lamps (excluding fluorescent lamps) – Safety specifications. INTERNATIONAL. PDF | The first edition of the IEC Wind Generator Systems – Part 24 Lightning Protection [1] was published as a technical report Download full-text PDF. Information on the DEHN Distance Tool DEHN Earthing Tool; calculation of the length of earth electrodes according to IEC

Multi-directional magnetization can be used to find discontinuities in any direction.

Non-destructive testing Penetrant testing and magnetic particle testing Viewing conditions ISO Additional requirements for the magnetic particle testing of particular items are defined in product standards see the relevant EN Standard.

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If magnetization is too high. This shall also apply to instruments used to measure magnetic fields shaped waveforms isi low crest factors and least variation between peak and true RMS values and are regarded as preferable for magnetic particle testing. All testing shall be performed in accordance with an approved written procedure or the relevant product standard shall be referenced 7 Surface preparation Areas to be tested shall be free from dirt.

There shall be good contrast between the detection media and the test surface. Our range of subscription services are designed to make using standards Organizations of all sizes and across all sectors choose standards to help easier for you.

An example of an approximate formula for —1 current required to achieve a specified isp field strength in the test zone is given in Annex A The width of the effective test area on each side of the cable centreline is then d.

It specifies the general principles of magnetic particle testing of ferromagnetic materials, including surface preparation, magnetisation techniques, requirements and applications of the detection media, and recording and isl of the results. To achieve the required magnetization using alternating current.

Sufficient time shall be allowed for indications to develop before moving or examining the component or structure under test. An example of an approximate formula for the iwo current required to achieve a specified tangential field strength is given in Annex A. Care shall be taken to ensure that indications are not disturbed after magnetization has stopped and before the component has been inspected and indications recorded.

Magnetic particle testing. The steel sheets are continuously welded to form the governments may place them at appropriate places after doing panel.

American national standards institute ansi publications

The corners of the roof are reinforced with steel plates some modifications for easy entrance and ventilation. Sign 3. The walls are also made of the period of time. The aesthetic impacts of the presence of the same type of corrugated metal sheets with reinforcement at the cargo container can be minimized by camouflaging it with a corners.

The floorboard is most often double layered with the suitable colour scheme. Another option, where appropriate, steel sheets 2 mm thick with similar reinforcement at the might be to have a public decorating contest which could also corners as described above. Continuous thermo welding has provide publicity for their use. Following are the possible places where such shelters are Such construction is in total compliance with IEC [5] required. Even in the absence of a grounding system, rapid hydrology inspection, land survey, etc.

Safety of boats The standard advice for occupants or passengers of unsafe watercrafts in inland reservoirs or near beach locations is to reach the land as soon as possible and seek shelter inside a sturdy building in the event of an approaching thunderstorm. However, boats can be caught in remote river locations or in the middle of lakes in thunderstorms so that reaching a pier or even getting underneath a sturdy bridge could take hours. Furthermore, in countries such as Bangladesh, people will be reluctant to give up their work and move away from their mid- lake locations once they have started activities such as netting or harvesting.

Apart from such fishing boats, restaurant boats used mainly for tourism, and houseboats where people Figure 2 -Metal shipping container modified for use as safe shelter in permanently reside have the possibility of coming into mining areas of New Guinea, Tanzania and Peru.

Courtesy Mr. Richard Kithil, National Lightning Safety Institute Once floated deep into remote waters, it may take a considerable time for the boats to reach a pier and offload the passengers. The following protection scheme is recommended for such boats to minimize the lightning threat. A lightning strike to the mast or any other point at higher elevation of a boat made of non-metallic materials timber, fiberglass, other composites etc.

Ignition of fire at the point of attachment due to the large dissipation of energy in the form of heat. Ignition of fire at any other point of the boat due to multiple side flashes from the point of attachment to lower parts of the boat. Splitting the materials of one or many parts of the boat, especially the mast if it is struck d.

Injuring the occupants due to primary effects such as direct strikes, side flashes, step potentials, touch Figure 3. Protection scheme for a small house boat potentials, shock wave and intense light e.

Injuring the occupants due to secondary effects such Figure 3. Protection scheme for a small house boat as fire and explosion, missilling of fragments, drowning due to collapse of the boat or from being thrown overboard.

However, injuries The proposed protection schemes for houses of low-income due to shockwave, intense light and being thrown overboard societies should be considered as a last-resort solution for cannot be prevented by the proposed physical measures. To lightning protection as they deviate somewhat from the minimize such effects one can adopt the safety position well accepted standard practices.

However, they will provide a inside the boat with ears covered with hands or ear plugs if much better safety environment than when the houses are not available and keeping the eyes closed or focused downwards. In such living conditions, the methodologies Those who cannot be inside a boat should have a safety rope for equipment safety described in IEC [5] or [21] will tying them to the boat and all should wear life preservers not be applicable due to several reasons: during a storm.

Anyone thrown overboard will probably be a.

Non-existence of sophisticated electrical devices that unconscious and is likely to drown without a life preserver.

The cost of protection is many times higher than the Figure The fire hazard or material split at the point of cost of equipment to be protected, attachment can be avoided by having a metal mast or covering c. It is easier to educate the occupants to unplug the apex of the mast, which is the most probable point of equipment in the event of an approaching attachment, with a metal cap approximately 20 cm long and 2- thunderstorm rather than convince them to adopt 3 mm thick.

The most suitable material is aluminum due to the adequate surge protection schemes.

NBN EN ISO 9934-1

A safe passage for current can be provided by 6- Under thunderstorm conditions, the occupants of the 8 metal chains wires of each link about 1 mm in diameter above type of houses should stay as far as possible away from attached about 10 cm beneath the top of the mast if the mast the down conductors.

Sleeping on floor or keeping the legs far is metal or from the top of the cap.

The best material for the apart while they are in such a structure should strictly be chain is again aluminum due to the light weight and flexibility avoided. If the thundering is severe one should adopt the which facilitates easy handling.

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Under fair-weather conditions, safety position. When the are not built on concrete foundations. Hence the low-cost and first signs of an approaching thunderstorm are observed, the highly efficient foundation systems discussed in [28] are also chains should be unwound and put into the water equally not of use in these cases.

The In some African countries, the erection of a tall grounded chains should be at least one meter below the water surface. Orabile Nnabu, of chains and stop all activities such as fishing and netting or Botswana Technology Centre. A photograph of such system dangling parts of the body in water until the storm is over.

EN ISO 9934-1 PDF

If is given in Figure The system has the following drawbacks the thunderstorm is acute, the occupants should pose compared with the house protection system described in this themselves into the safety position at a location as far as study. A metal pole that is installed to protect multiple houses b. The base of the pole The background pictures are with the courtesy of Mr.

Orabile Nnabu, Botswana Technology Centre a. The area of coverage is limited, and most often it Figure 5 shows how such a house can be protected with may not protect the peripheral houses.

Due to the GI pipes and reinforcement steel bars.

The vertical GI pipes flammable nature of the housing material, even if one can be replaced by steel reinforcement bars if proper supports house is struck, fire can spread throughout the whole e. In the event of a lightning strike to the pole, a large In developing countries, lightning accidents while on water potential gradient will be built up radially away from whether freshwater inland lakes or the sea , are seldom the tower Figure 4a. This will be especially lethal in reported beyond the peripherals of their communities.

This is dry, high resistive soil so that occupants of the houses mainly due to the bad communication links between remote would be subjected to step potential that may areas and metropolitan cities. However, a number of such seriously injure or kill them. The cost of material and installation of such a tower similar incidents may be common in regions such as or pole may be many times greater than the total cost Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and the site and Congo basins of installing the system proposed in this study for all where lightning is more dense, awareness is less and water- of the houses that were supposed to be protected by related life styles are more prevalent than in Japan.

An incident in Japan reported by Kitagawa et al. In case the tower is not installed on a solid states that eight people were struck by the multiple strokes of a foundation, it may fall under severe weather single lightning while they were in sea about 50 m from the conditions causing severe damage to houses and beach. Six people were killed by the strike while two others injuring people.

On the other hand, a formidable were critically injured. The paper does not provide details on foundation with quite a large area that reaches to a the location.

Air rods or finials whether they are free standing masts or linked with III meet the normal requirements for churches and steeples.

In particular Table A. The following documents, in whole or in part, are normatively referenced in Additionally, for the zinc coated earth rods, the coating shall be smooth, continuous and free. Lightning Protection according to IEC Edition 2.

Protection against lightning —. Part 3: Physical damage to structures and life hazard.To lightning protection as they deviate somewhat from the minimize such effects one can adopt the safety position well accepted standard practices.

IEC 60662:2011

However, laboratory except for the few test rods and pipes at the beach site. On potential can be minimized by encircling the area of the other hand, they are also not in a position to occupation by a ring conductor. Kigajora Our security procedures mean that we may occasionally request proof of identity before we disclose personal information to you. The vertical parts can be supported metallic roofs , there will be no such issue.

Continuous thermo welding has provide publicity for their use. The installation of the ring change their age old boats and canoes for all metal, conductor should be done according to the specifications fully covered safer boats.