Login na rede SAPO · SAPO. Jornal dos Desporots. Bem-vindo ao site do Jornal dos Desportos. Seleccione uma das opções: versão smartphone versão pc. Jornal Angola. Director: Victor Silva . Subscrever versão impressa Suplementos Downloand pdf · Jornal de Desportos Desportover mais · Advogado mostra. Outros desportivos . As fotografias utilizadas neste blog e por ventura alguma noticia são provenientes de várias fontes: jornais 'Record', 'A Bola', 'O Jogo' e.

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Antes de passar à análise deixo o print com a totalidade da notícia do Jornal Record. . quero-vos deixar alguns apontamentos dos jornais desportivos de hoje. . o pdf com a auditoria foi carregado no servidor do Jornal Abola no dia 15 de. Jornais Europeus, Jornais da Europa, Jornais da Alemanha, Jornais da Espanha , Jornais de Portugal, Jornais da França, Jornais da Inglaterra, Jornais da. Este Manual de Gestão Desportiva foi escrito ao longo dos 3 meses que passei em por semana sobre a modalidade num dos jornais diários do país”.

Moreover, the Brazilian Christ, as the most prominent Brazilian religious symbol, is mapped onto Ronaldo, metonymically represented by his team shirt, endowing him with divine powers to succeed in the World Cup in Brazil. Though the visual context, which allows the reader to infer the identity of the source, is obvious, the montage itself, by placing the represented object in this unlikely context, is quite unexpected.

Hence, we advocate that this metaphorical multimodal architecture was intentionally used as a powerful conceptual tool to metonymically promote Cristiano Ronaldo's success in the Brazilian World Cup.

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From Brandt's perspective, the blending of the source domain in the Presentation Space and the target domain in the Representation Space , as previously stated of pictorial and written nature, produces a Virtual Blend Christ the Redeemer wearing Ronaldo's team shirt , which relates to experientially grounded knowledge aspects Relevance Space that make the Meaningful Blend Meaning Space easily accessible.

Moreover, one must bear in mind that the blended construction is context-sensitive, i.

It is the sports newspaper's deliberate intention to artfully convey a message of praise and reinforcement. Taking into account that the most passionate football fans proudly wear their football hero's team shirt, one can also claim that this montage might evoke Christ as Cristiano Ronaldo's fan.

In a different fashion, the multimodal metaphor cover 1 depicting Cristiano Ronaldo's joy as the "Grito do Ipiranga" "The Cry of Ipiranga" results from a mapping involving two different modes, namely, the written mode and the visual mode, since the source domain is rendered by the headline, whereas the target domain is rendered visually.

Hence, multimodal metaphors on the cover of the sports newspaper A Bolaseem to be to some extent attuned to monomodal metaphors appearing in the very same sports newspaper ALMEIDA, by resorting in the source domains to cultural framings that are clearly recognizable by the Portuguese readers.

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Hence, further investigation is warranted to corroborate these results. Nevertheless, the fact that metaphorical mappings, both in visual and linguistic modes, are superintended by the aforementioned historical, mythical and religious frames leads us to believe that, when national football pride, metonymically represented by Cristiano Ronaldo, is at stake, key epic cultural references can be activated as source domains of Multimodal Metaphors on the covers of the most widely read sports newspaper - A Bola.

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Jogar futebol com as Palavras. Metaphors in Rap Texts.

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Cognitive Linguistics: Basic Readings. Metaphors We Live By. Frequent and not so Frequent metaphors in Sports Newspapers. Metaphor in Discourse. I found loads of useful information here. I would also like to add some thing for this community.

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Braga, Colibri, in print. Equinox, b.