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The sixth installment of Bernard Cornwell's New York Times bestselling series chronicling the epic saga Home>; FICTION>; Historical>; Death of Kings - EPUB. Bernard Cornwell Author (). cover image of The Saxon Tales Collection, Books Book 5. Bernard Cornwell Author (). cover image of Death of Kings . tyrikl56ui - Download and read Bernard Cornwell's book Death of Kings: A Novel in PDF, EPub, Mobi, site online. Free Death of Kings: A Novel book by.

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Description Details Customer Reviews The master of historical fiction presents the iconic story of King Alfred and the making of a nation. Alfred, the great king, is said to be dying.

Rivals for his succession are poised to tear the kingdom apart. The country Alfred has worked thirty years to build is about to disintegrate. Uhtred, the King's warrior, Viking born but Saxon bred, wants more than anything else to go and fight to reclaim his stolen Northumbrian inheritance.

But he knows that if he deserts the King's cause, Alfred's dream - and indeed the very future of the English nation - will very likely vanish. Death of Kings is an outstanding novel by a master storyteller of how England was made - and very nearly lost.

General Imprint: United Kingdom Series: September Authors: With the promise of battle looming again, Uhtred is torn between competing loyalties. Wessex survives but peace cannot hold: the Danes in the north, led by Viking Cnut Longsword, stand ready to invade and will never rest until the emerald crown is theirs.

Uhtred must lead a band of outcasts north to recapture his old family home, the impregnable Northumbrian fortress Bebbanburg. The stage is set for rivals to fight for the empty throne.

But all around the restless Northmen, eyeing the rich lands and wealthy churches, are mounting raids. Uhtred of Bebbanburg controls northern Mercia from the strongly fortified city of Chester. But forces are gathering against him.

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And Uhtred of Bebbanburg has the chance to take back the home his traitorous uncle stole from him so many years ago — and which his scheming cousin still occupies.

But fate is inexorable and the enemies Uhtred has made and the oaths he has sworn combine to distract him from his dream of recapturing Bebbanburg.

Reacting to being raised by Christian Fundamentalists , he grew up rejecting all religions and became an atheist. Prior to that, he used Bernard Cornwell as a pen name.

The Last Kingdom books in order:

He read history at University College London [4] between and [5] and worked as a teacher after graduating. He attempted to enlist in the British armed services at least three times, but was rejected on the grounds of myopia.

He then joined Thames Television as editor of Thames News. He relocated to the United States in after marrying her.

He was unable to get a United States Permanent Resident Card green card , so he started writing novels, as this did not require a work permit. Forester chronicling the adventures of fictional British naval officer Horatio Hornblower during the Napoleonic Wars. He was surprised to find that there were no such novels following Lord Wellington 's campaign on land, so he wrote that series himself—further motivated by the need to support himself through writing.If the big events are historically accurate, the story centers on Uhtred of Bebbanburg, a fictional character born to a Saxon lord in Northumbria, but captured and adopted by the Danes.

Stirling The Good Teacher: Seek and Hide: The Kill Switch: Led by the sword of savage warrior Harald Bloodhair, the Viking hordes attack. Gone Tomorrow: Sophie's Choice: Cornwell wrote two books a year for a long time, slowing to one book per year in his sixties. Cohen Sitemap.