Prehistoric Sources of Western Man's Racism, Sexism and Aggression. "Michael Bradley delves back into our glacial past during the last Ice Age in order to find the prehistoric sources of the white race's aggression, racism and sexism. And, in tracing the effects of Caucasian. Product Description the iceaan inheritance is the most glaring admission about the european's attempt to dominate the world through are a large. As a result, just as they brought forth in glory for the Father, so too The Iceman Inheritance in order to.. Nora Roberts always seems to detail her stories with tons .

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the iceaan inheritance is the most glaring admission about the european's attempt to dominate the world through are a large number of books on. the iceaan inheritance is the most glaring admission about the european's attempt to dominate the world through are a large. This book argues that the white race is more aggressive than other groups as the result of historical environmental conditions.

But at the time, in the day aftermath of legal struggles for the presidency during most of November and into early December , the media only once mentioned this attempt to manipulate the Florida vote.

All major networks instead gave incessant coverage about the butterfly ballot in heavily Jewish West Palm Beach County. However testimony given to the Senates investigation of the medias election coverage during February and March established that this butterfly ballot had been purposefully planted to focus media attention on a heavily Jewish county if, The Iceman Inheritance Michael Bradley Page Three former Clinton aides also testified to the Senate that several network newscasters pestered outgoing Bill Clinton for presidential pardons during the last days of the Clinton-Gore Administration.

Media buried these admissions on back pages when they were mentioned in print at all. No network television news or public affairs program ever even mentioned these pleas for presidential pardons by their own newscasters. There is much more to this attempted Election coup dtat for that is exactly what it was in the United States by Jews, the media and Israel.

Thanks to some Afro-American contacts in the offices of the National Security Advisor and State Department, I have heard rumors about how and why the GoreLieberman ticket really backed down. Votes and recounts had little to do with it. But enough has been said to show that inordinate Jewish control of media is obviously dangerous for democracy.

And Jewish control of North American media is also why you will never see a recap of Israels creation, as informative background to Middle East violence, on American television. What had I written to cause all this insane anger? Negev on an Israeli kibbutz. Judy Posner was Jewish. Surely, they would have taken issue with any anti-Semitic content of The Iceman Inheritance long before it was published?

The problem was really that I had always been woefully ignorant about true Jewish origins. And so were most North American Jews. Between , I had been wholly concentrating on development projects in Africa, the Caribbean, South America and Sri Lanka and had had time only to read mostly technical publications and reports. Like most people, I had always thought that the Jews had once lived in Palestine, had been expelled by the Romans about AD 70 in the Diaspora and had settled in various places, including Central and Eastern Europe.

But spurred by the vicious and sometimes violent Jewish reaction to The Iceman Inheritance in , I buckled down to do some serious research about episodes of human history that were a little more recent than the Middle and Upper Paleolithic. And I learned the surprising truth.

Only 4. There are very few of them in the United States, but some live in the southern states bordering the Gulf of Mexico. That explained my own Jewish family heritage, which had always puzzled me.

I learned, to my surprise, that my family was Sephardic from Louisiana. Many Sephardic Jews presently live in and around the Caribbean where they were the first Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors and colonists.

My Jewish ancestors were thus responsible for the genocide of millions of American Indians and for starting the transatlantic slave trade in Black Africans. The other They are called Ashkenazi Jews and they have no genetic ancestry among Abrahams biblical Israelites at all. They were the prime so-called Jewish victims of Hitlers socalled Holocaust.

They constituted, from , the vast majority of modern Israels population. These Ashkenazi Jews had immigrated massively into the United States between and and are the people that ordinary Americans know as Jews.

Most of them settled in New York City originally. The largest Jewish newspaper in the U. The Ashkenazi Jews then spread all over the country, and especially to Florida and California, and they are notable for creating Hollywoods movie industry.

When I had finally digested all this, which took about six months, the animal-like animosity of the New York Times editorial became crystal clear. The Jewish Ashkenazim had come from a region of known late-lingering Neanderthals, the Caucasus Mountains and the neighboring Russian steppes. Some typically Jewish physical traits were very obviously vestigial Neanderthal ones generally a short stature and a plump physique, many very short wide-hipped and big- breasted women, extremely hairy men and a tendency toward beetling brows and large beaky hooked noses in both genders.

Many Ashkenazim have crinkly-curly head hair tending toward dark reddish brown or mahogany in color. Among Ashkenazi Jews there is also a genetic tendency toward beaky faces, not only just noses, and big mouths in more ways than one that wrap around the lower face.

Barbara Streisand and Julia Roberts provide two lovely and very well known examples of how attractive this genetic trait can be. But these are not Semitic physical traits. They are Neanderthal physical characteristics. And maybe some Neanderthal emotional and behavioral traits persisted among the Ashkenazim along with the physical ones.

Their chosen people pretension is a typical Neanderthal ingroup obsession that is actually a genetic racist predisposition against all other humans. It is a genetically determined us against them mentality. Their higher level of known Neanderthal aggression against outsiders is responsible for their disproportional social influence wherever they have settled in the West. Their mens feelings of sexual inadequacy are a Neanderthal genetic legacy reflected in much more frequent confusion of sexual orientation than occurs among males of other Caucasian ethnic groups and other races.

It has been the subject of toonumerous Jewish-authored books and screenplays, and Woody Allens work and private life is a very well known example of this Jewish predicament.

This genetic Neanderthal psychosexual maladaptation has also bequeathed to Jews a tendency toward emotional instability and hysteria when they feel nervous or threatened And they are arrogant, but uneasy, even then. An ethnic symptom of this emotional instability is the Jewish tendency toward hypochondria.

Even they cannot yet control death. This unfortunate combination of high aggression combined with a tendency toward hysteria and emotional instability has proved to be a dangerous and tragic situation over the course of Western history.

Their aggression encourages continual Jewish attempts to control societies, while the emotional instability makes it difficult for most Jews to distinguish reasonably between justified social criticism by their non-Jewish neighbors and attacks.

Insensitive even to objective concerns about inordinate Jewish influence in societies, and reacting with hysterical aggression to any such supposed attack on their behavior and pleas from non-Jews to limit it, Jews have always provoked violence against themselves.

And then they, with much emotional satisfaction, feel victimized and attribute the situation to innate anti-Semitism among their neighbors.

This tragic cycle happened most recently in Nazi Germany, of course, but it had happened previously in almost all European countries. This historical pattern is the social result of Neanderthal genetic traits of high aggression and emotional instability caused by Ice Age psychosexual maladaptation. All this is very clear to me now. The Iceman Inheritance as published in had been written only in terms of Caucasians, Western humanity, white men and so on. But with my research after the New York Times op-ed polemic of July , I soon discovered that it was really a much more relevant pen-portrait of Ashkenazi Jews.

Some other scattered European ethnic groups share generally similar physical characteristics, of course, but not nearly so strongly and consistently as Ashkenazi Jews.

The Ashkenazi Jews, as a group, exhibit lingering Neanderthal traits most strongly among living Caucasians because of Jewish prohibitions against marriage with outsiders. Their Neanderthal genes have been kept all in the family, as it were. These Neanderthal genes were not diluted by intermarriage nearly as much as with most other Caucasians. The New York Times had realized this by July 20, with its vicious and inaccurate editorial, or as I have said about six months before I did.

I have since had good reasons to suspect that Jewish physical and social anthropologists at New York Citys Columbia University, students of the great Dr. Harold L. Shapiro, had alerted the New York Times to this potentially. The irony here is that I had spoken with Dr. Shapiro several times when I was working on The Iceman Inheritance about fifteen years earlier under Dr.

Carleton Coons tutelage Shapiro himself supported the multi-regional construct of human racial evolution and also agreed that Neanderthals had been among the ancestors of some modern Europeans.

But he had avoided controversy and censure by publicly at least associating himself with the evolution of Far Eastern humanity, or Sinanthropus Peking Man, There was another reason for Jewish animosity, of course. If the Ashkenazim were really Neanderthal-Caucasoids from the northern Caucasus steppes of Russia and not descendants of biblical Israelites, then what was the United Nations justification for creating modern Israel as the traditional homeland of these Ashkenazi Jews?

They already had a traditional homeland, and a much more appropriate one the so-called Jewish Autonomous Region of the U. The North American public was naturally never told about this traditional homeland for Ashkenazi Jews. I remember being stunned when I found this territory marked on a s Soviet map and then queried Russian authorities about it in The Soviet Jewish Dissidents of the ss, who received so much press coverage in North America, preferred to claim false Israelite identity than to admit their real Russian steppe ancestry.

The creation of modern Israel was the first major action taken by the UN after the United States had established the world body in And it was media pressure from New York and Hollywood, of course, that had thoroughly propagandized Americans into sympathy for this creation.

With The Iceman Inheritance, I had innocently stepped into an anthropological research mess that challenged both Jewish identity and also challenged the geopolitical credibility of modern Israel. No wonder that some fanatical Jews wanted to kill me. Nonetheless, during this research of late , I discovered that other Jews besides me had dared to have more loyalty to human truth than to Ashkenazi Jewish propaganda. The respected Jewish writer, Arthur Koestler, had documented Ashkenazi origins and the implications for modern Israels credibility in The Thirteenth Tribe They had revealed for ordinary readers the conversion to Judaism of a very numerous and powerful Russian steppe tribe called Khazars.

These steppe Khazars had converted en masse to Judaism about AD in order to avoid religious, cultural and political control by either Moslems in Persia or by Christians in Byzantium. This conversion to Judaism had bolstered their religious independence and had preserved their geopolitical power as middle-men in the overland silk and spice trade with China.

These Jewish Khazars, along with Alans, Bulgars, Magyars and other minor steppe tribes, were subsequently dispersed all over Central and Eastern Europe about years later by the Mongol invasion of AD Previously, only specialist historians, like Britains J. I had never been very interested in Jewish culture, lore or history and so I had missed all these books and the two by Koestler and Poliak along with Khazaria by the Jewish-dissident archaeologist, A.

He had verified the existence of this Jewish kingdom by excavating its Volga River capital and by recovering large amounts of Hebrewinscribed coins dating from between AD and about I also discovered that the famous Jewish linguist, Dr. This Russian steppe origin of todays Ashkenazi Jews was not just a theory based on squibs by medieval Christian, Moslem and Jewish chroniclers. It was solid and objective historical reality based on linguistics and hard archaeological artifacts.

And, with The Iceman Inheritance, my unforgivable crime had been to add very persuasive anthropological data to all the other The Iceman Inheritance Michael Bradley Page And this data was also something that anyone could actually see by simply taking a close look at many North American Jews.

In spite of the New York Times full-page editorial of July and renewed instant blacklisting by Jewish editors across North America or maybe because of these attempts at suppression The Iceman Inheritance was adopted as required reading on Africana courses at 54 American universities and colleges.

The Iceman Inheritance by Michael Bradley

And always, vehement objections were voiced by white i. But the book has now profoundly influenced two generations of non-white students since , and even more since mostly AfricanAmericans, but also Asians and Hispanics. Among the tens of thousands of people who have read The Iceman Inheritance, two have now become prominent members of the Bush Administration. They are in a position to influence U. Attentive newspaper readers and political analysts will remember that the very first year of George Bushs new U.

Mideast policy was one of attempted even-handedness toward Palestinians and Israelis. Remember when U.

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Secretary of State, Colin Powell, walked hand-in-hand with Yasser Arafat down the streets of Jerusalem demanding the removal of Israeli roadblocks? But subsequent headlines reflected Israels determination to undermine that policy, to undermine the Bush Administration and also to expand into Palestinian territories on the West Bank and Gaza.

After October 4, , these ongoing incursions into agreed-upon Palestinian land and living space have been labeled as war crimes by the United Nations.

And also after October 4, , the life and leadership of Yasser Arafat were directly targeted by Israel. For some reason still unknown to history, U. This has so far culminated, in March , with the invasion of Iraq, Israels most determined adversary in the region. This aggression is not only intended to expand Israels borders, but is also a purposeful attempt to provoke Palestinian and Arab outrage and violence. Israel can then strike back against Arab terrorism by manipulating American power and also use its own sophisticated American weaponry against Palestinians.

That is what this dangerous and tragic game is all about. The Iceman Inheritance had proposed that some groups originating in the Caucasus Mountain refuge for lingering Neanderthals, and especially groups that were undiluted by intermarriage, retained a genetic proclivity towards Neanderthal aggression.

There were a carefully estimated , copies of The Iceman Inheritance in print as of , according to Dr. Ray Winbush of Vanderbilt Universitys cultural analysis center. These , copies represented both legitimate and numerous pirated editions. There may be roughly a million copies out there today and I still get about the same number of requests for guest The Iceman Inheritance Michael Bradley Page Therefore, there is still a great deal of interest in the book.

I have decided to offer a new and revised edition that incorporates relevant anthropological research since Incorporating this new Foreword, appendices and footnotes that do not impinge upon the original and now-classic text, the recent DNA so-called research by politically motivated and predominantly Jewish scientists since is fully covered.

Iceman inheritance prehistoric sources of western mans racism sexism and aggression

The revisions demonstrate that no actual facts challenge the truth and reality of Neanderthal admixture in all Caucasians and, even more strongly, in some ethnic groups of Western humanity. Media-hyped statistical juggling of genetic data has attempted to disguise and distort this anthropological reality in the publics perception. This ethnic reality had to be disguised, obscured and camouflaged if the real origin of Ashkenazi Jews was to be kept from the North American public that had supported the creation of modern Israel.

Since , my increasingly visible book had threatened to unravel the truth. The New York Times editorial against Dr. Len Jeffries in July , and against me and my book in July , had ironically only enhanced Icemans public notoriety.

Something had to be done to defuse and confuse the solid evidence of anthropology on which The Iceman Inheritance was based. The book had argued a higher level of aggression in Caucasians compared to other races major genetic groups of humanity because of Neanderthal physical and sexual adaptations to Ice Age conditions. And The Iceman Inheritance had at least inferred a still higher level of aggression and psychosexual maladaptation in genetic groups that had originated in the Caucasus Mountains, including the Ashkenazim.

If there is significant Caucasus Neanderthal genetic admixture in Caucasians and that is why, after all, Caucasians are called Caucasians then this fact alone also proves that there are genetic races of humanity with slightly different physical characteristics and maybe different mental and emotional tendencies too.

Jewish scientists had to do something about this. And they did. On September 27, , Dr. Marc Stoneking of the University of Pennsylvania and three other Jewish scientists announced that the mother of all mankind had come from somewhere just south of the Sahara about , years ago and that all of modern humanity had descended from her.

There were no races because we had all come from the same genetic mother and were just one big family. This conclusion by the Stoneking team was based on a statistical analysis and statistical comparison of mitochrondrial DNA from an alleged worldwide sample of women. Naturally, Stoneking dubbed this primal human mother Eve.

This was the first time, but not the last, that statistical DNA and Y-chromosome studies would be linked to Jewish biblical terminology and personalities. Naturally, the more innocent and uneducated Afro-Americans were thrilled with this news and supported the media-hyped The Iceman Inheritance Michael Bradley Page Eve might well have been Black!

Feminists of the time were also flattered and pleased. And, in fact of course , this statistical announcement had been politically engineered precisely in order to gain Black and Feminist support for this biblically-associated propaganda. The truth of the matter was that Stoneking and his cronies had simply ignored the existence of African, European and Chinese skulls that were either transitional or fully modern and known to be , years older than wholly statistical and hypothetical Eve.

Review: Bradley “The Iceman Inheritance”

But not many newspaper readers are physical anthropologists, and even some of the few who were supported the study because it seemed politically correct and might undermine racism, not because it truly reflected the known facts.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, as someone once observed. This didnt prevent Eve from becoming a pop media sensation in North America. Unfortunately and very cruelly for those who favored the study as a challenge to racism, it was actually just the opposite. It was the first attempt, but not the last, to cover up Caucasian racist proclivities under the statistically juggled proof that there were no races to possess any such proclivities.

As the saying goes, first come lies, then damn lies and then statistics. Or, as another common-sense observation warns us, figures dont lie, but liars figure.

It took about eight years for educated North American Blacks to get wise to this deception. In March , the Never Again Coalition of mostly non-white students at Canadas Carleton University in Ottawa asked me to give a talk during AntiRacism Week about the use of anti-racist rhetoric to cloak racist behavior.

Anti-Racism Week in Canada is partly sponsored by the Canadian government. Naturally, the Jewish Hillel organization on campus, very possibly in co-operation with the Canadian Government, managed to prevent my appearance and suppress my presentation.

The eventual speaker was someone who mouthed the obligatory politically correct irrelevancies. This Anti-Racism Week is also partly sponsored by huge multi-national corporations, like Coke and Pepsi, and all of them are under Jewish banking pressure to expand or else. The Canadian Government relies on these same multi-nationals to under-write at least some Canadian employment.

You can see how the land lies, but the high-profile Year Anti-Racism Week in Canada merely made many non-White Carleton students want to puke. And well they should have wanted to puke. But the main challenge to Ashkenazi Jewish identity and to Israels credibility was still the much-too-obvious visual fact of Neanderthal physical traits in all Caucasians, but more especially in Central and Eastern European Jews who form the great majority of modern Israels population.

This so-called research was done by Marc Stoneking again and Dr. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end.


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PDF Iceman Inheritance: You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.Also as a African- American citizen in America were racism is very obvious and who is very curious about "white supremacy" and its creators. Customers who bought this item also bought. Show related SlideShares at end. The African slave trade-like African history in general - is often written about and rarely understood.

I was not to earn income from it. Aug 02, Ty G rated it it was amazing Shelves: Many Ashkenazim have crinkly-curly head hair tending toward dark reddish brown or mahogany in color. In quotes from Montagu and Ivan T.